7 tips for better video shooting

Get a tripod

The first step in making better videos is stabilizing them. A shaky video can ruin your entire shoot. So, get a quality tripod and with a head specifically designed for video.

Tell a story

People will more likely feel compelled to watch your videos if they tell a story. It matters less what the story is about than how well it’s told. You don’t have to narrate your videos to tell a story; the pictures can do that.

Keep the video short

Try to keep your product demonstration or interview videos short and to the point. Typically 1 min to 5 mins videos are perfect for web. More than that, your visitors will probably close and stop watching the video.

Look Into Lighting

Use the same principles for creating a great photo to create a great video. For example, use proper lighting, use a contrast background, and avoid background clutter. Make sure there is no bright light like the sun, behind a subject. If your subject is standing in a bad lighting situation,try moving them into better light conditions if possible and the video will look much better.

Know your camcorder

Before you start shooting, learn your camcorder like the back of your hand. Having good knowledge of your camcorder’s features and functions is a necessary element of making better videos. The most obvious need for this knowledge is to allow you to always have your eye in the viewfinder or on the LCD screen, not looking away at the controls to zoom, focus, or make other corrections.

Practice, practice

Practice before you start recording. Find the best way to move your item or camera to highlight the features (or flaws) of your product.


Try to put interviews in between your videos as they provide good insights through the actual words of the people involved. No matter what the event is, a baseball game, picnic, wedding, or party, interviews can add a nice touch.