Benefits of using Amazon S3 to stream your web videos

Amazon S3 is a scalable cloud storage that is not only cheap but fast. In this post I will explain why you should use Amazon S3 to store and stream your video files rather than storing them on your normal web host.

The problem:

Most web hosts declare unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth for their patrons which are basically vague terms as explained in this post.

If you have opted for a quality hosting (which you should) you are on limited space and bandwidth. Top notch hosting providers do not sale hosting for cheap and if you are looking to stream videos, you might face a recurring expense for bandwidth usage and additional space utilized and end up paying $$$ monthly. Fortunately, for a situation like this we have a solution or boon and it is called Amazon S3.

Amazon S3 as the solution

Amazon S3 is a scalable cloud storage for internet and it is cheap. First of all it is free for 5GB of storage and 20,000 GET requests. Which means, you can store videos up to 5GB free and they can be viewed 20,000 times every month free! Beyond that, the rates are very nominal and a summary is provided below.

For 1 Terrabyte storage (approximately 1000 GB) the price is $0.095 per GB per month. Now let us analyze what it means. Suppose you have 32 GB of video files. You get 5 GB of storage free. So for 27 GB you have to pay 27 x $0.095 = $2.65 a month. This rate is applicable till you reach 1000 GB (no user of ours have ever needed more than 100 GB for streaming web video files). The reason being our video encoder, really gives you a low file size to quality ratio. There is another expense. Amazon charges for each request to the video file and that is $0.004 for 10,000 requests after the free slot ends. Considering, your video has 50,000 views a month your expense will be $0.004 x 3 = $0.012.

Summing up, to store and stream 32 GB of video files on Amazon S3 your monthly expense will be $2.65 + $0.012 = $2.662 !
Add to it the almost zero downtime and fast delivery. All our videos on are stored and streamed from Amazon S3. And, when you use EasyFLV it provides a seamless integration  with Amazon S3 that makes your experience hassle free.

Amazon S3 Signup and details.

Happy streaming!