How to choose a good web host


Choosing the right webhost is a prime factor that defines your streaming video quality. The zolts and pauses in a video that you watch, are a direct cause of improper or poor bandwidth supplied by the webhosts. With our experience and expertise, we can guide you how to get a proper webhost or webserver.


The first thing you should not consider while choosing a webhost is the word “unlimited bandwidth”. There is nothing unlimited for a resource like hardware and bandwidth. When you are jumping in to buy a webhost with “unlimited all”, you are buying limited and shared resources. But you just do not know how limited they are!

For example, imagine a webhost to have X amount of bandwidth it can sell. The webhost sells “unlimited bandwdth” to Y nos of people. Now everyone knowing they have unlimited bandwidth, will try to utilize it but unfortunately they will not be able to. Eventually, they will all have a shared bandwidth. X divided by Y. So at a critical load point, resources will begin to fail or choke or just get timed out.

Choose a webhost who gives you a monthly limited bandwidth and lets you know beforehand how much you can use or avail.

Server Space

The second important thing you should consider is server space. Once again, according to thumb rule, do not opt for webhosts who feature unlimited space in their advertisement. Know how much you need for your webhosting and then add 30% more to it. Then choose a webhosting plan that fits your bill.

Server Downtime/Uptime

Next is server downtime. While most webhosts do not advertise the server downtimes, most good webhosts do. Downtimes above 1% per year or worse can be regarded as unacceptable as this means a downtime of more than 3 days per year. Here is a chart:

  • 90% uptime implies 876 hours downtime/year
  • 95% uptime implies 438 hours downtime/year
  • 99% uptime implies 87 hours, 36 minutes downtime/year
  • 99.9% uptime implies 8 hours, 45 minutes, 36 seconds downtime/year
  • 99.99% uptime implies 52 minutes, 33.6 seconds downtime/year

Customer Support

Finally customer support. A telephone number and an online chat icon does not indicate that the web host is a good one. It is easy these days to outsource support to cheaper parts of the world and in return you get a shoddy customer support. We have experienced web hosts who only provide email support but top notch.

If you are in doubt, visit a leading hosting forum like and check the web host’s review therein.