Frequently Asked Questions

I have a video. How do I stream it?

Most likely your video is in a non-web format if it is still in it's original source like a digital camera or a handycam. The first step is to encode this video with our free video encoder and then stream it with the streaming video software.

Can you show some websites that use your video player?

Certainly. Here are some latest ones:
VSL Digital
Anthony Realmuto
Canadian real estate
Catalina Rotary
Joe Miller Designs
Compax Inc.

What kind of hosting do I need for video streaming? Anything special?

In most cases, you do not. A normal webhost like HostGator, Godaddy, Bluehost is sufficient. That is you can easily add streaming video to your website without changing your webhost. In case, your webhost do not allow videos on the website, contact us and we will provide you space to host your video files for $1 a month. For more details contact us.

What about Amazon S3 or Cloudfront?

Our software supports both.

Will the videos show up on an iOS device like iPhone or iPad?

Yes. Just make sure, you use our encoder to encode the videos.

What about Android devices?

On Android phones and tablets videos will show up and definitely play. You can always check our homepage on a device that you are doubtful of. If the videos play, so it will be for you too.

Now that I have generated the files how do I upload them?

Use a FTP software like Filezilla (Free) to upload your files.

How do I know your software is compatible with my HTML Editor?

It is not possible for us to list/test every HTML Editors available. However the basic principle is the same. If your HTML editor allows you to put your own HTML code, it will work with our software. If it does not we will refund you.

Are you saying the playlist shows and plays on iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets?

Yes and most imporatantly you can generate it from the software itself without any manual coding.

How do I stream live?

Live streaming is not an out of the box solution. You would need a media server to broadcast the live feed. For further details and cost contact us here. To know more about live streaming click here.

What about software updates? Are they free?

Software updates are free for a year, irrespective of major or minor versions. So once there is an update, and you fall in the one year range you can download the update and install it. Beyond one year, the update price is generally 40% of our retail sale price.

How long have you been in business?

11 years. Since 2004.

Do you have a guarantee policy? Money back?

We back every sale of ours with a 30 days money back policy. If the software does not work we refund your purchase. But to avoid such a situtation which involves our time too, it is always advisable to download the demo and test first.

Do you author a video like the one on your homepage?

No we do not.

How long do I have to wait for using the software after purchase?

There is no wait time. Once your order passes through our payment processor SWREG, you get the software download instantly. When the software is downloading, an email will follow with the registration details. It is all automated with zero wait time.

Have a question? Contact us without any hesitation.