Version Release Information June 2013 (revision 50) Current Stable June 2013 (revision 48) Cnet Release
Minor bug fixes. June 2013 (revision 40) Cnet Release
Minor bug fixes. May 2013 (revision 32)
Minor bug fixes. April 2013 (revision 30)
Supports both single video and multiple videos via playlist.
Flash and HTML5 dual mode.
Automatic device detection and fallback.
Video marketing tools available for both single and multilple videos.
Playlist support on devices like iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets.
Enhanced profile saving options.
Faster code generation.

On April 2013 we released EasyFLV 14 which not only merged both the single and multitrack in a single software but it is also built with the HTML5 streaming and the future in mind. The software is built with powerful features like playlist support for iOS and Android devices, smart device detection, faster code generation.

From here, both the single track and multitrack are merged into a single software.


End of legacy versions.

There has been a few releases of Ver 11 and ver 12 of the Single track software between May 2012 and March 2013 which we are not listing here as these were experimental releases. Our last stable versions for single track is and for multitrack is April 2012 Cnet Release
Added HTML5 playback support. March 2012
Interface enhancements. February 2012
Interface enhancements. December 2011
Interface enhancements. September 2011
Interface enhancements. July 2011
Minor bug fixes. June 2011 Cnet Release
Fixed video aspect ratio
Added video smoothing
Video marketing tools added
Social sharing widgets added April 2011
Interface enhancements.

From here, our minor version numbers changed to even numbers. Like 2.4.0 | 4.8.2 | 8.2.0 etc. February 2011
Interface enhancements. December 2010
Interface enhancements. September 2010
Interface enhancements. July 2010
Interface enhancements and minor bug fixes.
Last official multitrack version (legacy). June 2010
Interface enhancements.
Multitrack now supports playlists with title, description and images. May 2010 Cnet Release
Interface enhancements and minor bug fixes. December 2009 Cnet Release
Bug fixed for RTMP streaming from Wowza media servers. November 2009 Cnet Release
RTMP support added.
Added outro image functionality.
Video path functionality added. October 2009 Cnet Release
Interface enhancements. December 2008 Cnet Release
Interface enhancements and minor bug fixes. November 2007
Interface enhancements. October 2007
Interface enhancements. September 2007 (Revision 32)
Interface enhancements. September 2007 (Revision 30)
Interface enhancements. August 2007
Data can be saved and loaded as profiles.
Interface enhancements. June 2007
Interface enhancements. May 2007
Interface enhancements. April 2007
Interface enhancements. February 2007
Interface enhancements. January 2007
SWFobject method of code generation added. October 2006
Fixed bug on redirect URL getting blocked by popup blockers. September 2006
Video on-click feature added. August 2006
Encrypt HTML feature added. August 2006
Server path feature added.
Redirect URL feature added. July 2006
Javascript one-line code generation added. June 2006
Metadata is automatically injected to FLV files when generating code. April 2006
Faster code generation.
Added auto progress feature for multitrack. March 2006
Added loop feature for multitrack.
Minor overall bug fixes. January 2006
Added more video players.
Chameleon players added that can be colored to choice.
Added next track feature for multitrack. December 2005 (revision 48)
Fixed registration problem of the software. December 2005 (revision 34)
Fixed video aspect bug on multitrack players. December 2005 (revision 32)
Fixed fullscreen bug on multitrack players.
Interface enhancements November 2005
Fixed playlist scroll bug on Multitrack.
Multitrack players can go full screen now.
Interface enhancements October 2005
Added loop video functionality.
Interface enhancements September 2005
Video players can be set to pre-defined video window sizes.
Fixed video-seek problem.
Video players load much faster. June 2005
Fixed bug on code generation (single video).
Output folder can be defined now.
Interface enhancements April 2005
More video players added.
Players have full screen functionality now.
Fixed bug on intro outro image scaling. February 2005
Added Auto-Play functionality January 2005
Added intro image functionality. Novemver 2004 (First Official Release)