Video Marketing Tools

With our software we provide a few essential video marketing tools free to monetize your videos if you require. Here we demonstrate the same.

Video marketing tools screenshot

1. Video On Click Feature

Clicable web video

This feature makes the video clickable and when clicked a website link opens in a new window. This is an essential tool if you are an affiliate promoting a product. You can put your affiliate link in the URL and this is a small entry in the software interface.

Watch the demo on the right where you can click the video to open our homepage.

2. Video Call To Action On End #1

Open URL at the end of video

With this feature you can define a URL to open at the end of the video. Again, a small entry on the software interface will take care of this.

Watch the demo on the right where after the video ends, this page will transit to our pricing page. Be sure to hit the back button to return here and check our other video marketing tools.

3. Video Call To Action On End #2

Do something when the video ends

Do you want to show a button at the end of video? Or a newsletter signup form? Or some other call to action element? We got the feature covered. Enter the element code in the box provided in the software and build the code normally.

Watch the demo on the right where after the end of the video an Order Now button shows up for our software.

4. Allow embedding of video

For making your video viral

Have an informative video that you want other people to share? Turn this option on. To add some spice, when you encode your videos, use a watermark to brand the video and make the video clickable with the link back to your website.

Check the demo on right.

5. Social Sharing of Video Page

Visitors share your webpage instantly

The two small buttons for Facebook and Twitter ensures, your video is social sharing ready if a visitor chooses to.