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Encodes to FLV, Mp4 and WebM

EasyFLV Web Video Encoder encodes your video files to streaming video formats to have your videos streamed on web browsers on computers or mobile phones or tabs.

It gives excellent video quality even at low bitrates and supports a wide variety of video formats for conversion like MPEG, AVI, WMV, MOV, Mp4, 3GPP, Mp4, RM, RMVB etc.

Uses H.264 codec.


Free video encoder

Full Feature List

  • Uses the H.264 codec for maximum quality to filesize ratio. That is high video quality in a small file size.
  • Converts a wide variety of video formats to streaming video FLV/Mp4/WebM formats.
    • MPEG (All variations including vcd, svcd, dvd, m1v, m2v, m4v etc)
    • AVI
    • WMV
    • ASF
    • MKV
    • Quicktime MOV (All variations)
    • Mp4
    • 3GPP
    • Real Media RM
    • Real Media RMVB
    • DivX AVI
    • FLV (You can convert from one FLV to another FLV file)
    • MTS
  • Built-in watermarker to brand or watermark your videos. Watermarker supports both text and image watermarks.
  • Supports various video bitrates for encoding.
    *** Plus you can set your own video bitrate for conversion.
  • Supports various video window sizes as output video.
    *** Plus you can set your own video window size.
  • Audio encoding options are available to ultra optimize your videos.
  • Inserts FLV metadata automatically.
  • Mp4 is iOS compatible. Encoded videos will playback on all iOS compatible devices like iPhones, iPads etc.
  • Utilizes very low CPU resources and runs on single thread, thus allowing you to run other applications simultaneously while you carry on your video conversion.
  • Save encoding settings as profiles. So every time you encode, you do not have to set the same options. Just load an appropriate profile and start encoding.
  • Supports extraction of still image from video.
  • Built-in Mp4 moov atom fixer. Some Mp4 files (if you have them already) have their moov atom placed at the end of the file which prevents them from streaming online. Our encoder has a small built-in utility that will fix these Mp4 files and will make them web stream-able.
Free video encoder

Free video encoder